Artwork for Sale

Since the Potters’ Guild has had to cancel the spring sale and since I have a lot of pieces sitting in my studio that were made with spring in mind, I decided to offer some here.

I’m posting the piece and the price. It you are interested, please pop me an email and we can work out details of how to get it in your hands and process payment. Ideally, I like checks. I can leave packages for pickup or ship, or we can wait till we are all freer to move about.

The idea for these first pieces woke me in the night, thoughts of organic bits of tree and bark with the birds. They’re SO fun to make and I’m calling them Tree Huggers. They hang on the wall with a wire. They are all raku-fired.

Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger, chickadee, $60, 3.5″x8″
red headed
Tree Hugger Red Headed, $80, 5″x11″
Tree Hugger, Pileated, $70, 5×10.5″
Tree Hugger, cardinal, $70, 6×9″
Tree Hugger, Nuthatch, 5″ x 8″ $70

The following are shallow bowls, raku-fired. Raku work is not food safe or water tight, though you could put oranges or nuts etc. in the ware.

bird bowl yellow breast
Bird Bowl yellow breast, $40, 8.5″
bird bowl spiral wing
Bird Bowl Spiral Wing, $45, 9″
bird bowl spiral shoots
Bird Bowl Spiral Shoots, $40, 8.5″
bird bowl long legs
Bird Bowl, long legs, $50, 9″

These raku bunnies will be happy in the garden till frost. I don’t want to even try shipping on these.

Tall Bunny, $110, SOLD

Fairy houses just make me smile. I make them with what’s left of clay at the end of a work session. These are raku-fired and most have a hole for hanging on a wall or tree. They can go out of doors, but should be brought indoors before it freezes.

FH on base
Fairy House on base, $45, 9″ tall
FH green roof
Fairy House Green Roof, $30, 5×7″
FH chimneys
SOLD Fairy House chimneys, $35, 8″ tall
FH natural roof
Fairy House natural roof, $25, 7″ tall

Here are a few jars. I never plan to make jars, but they sometimes ask to be made.

raku jar
Woodsy Jar, $40, 4″ high
FH jar
Fairy House Jar, $55, 10″ high
flower jar
Daisy Jar, $40, 5″ high

There are a number of this floral series on the shelves, but most are cups and tumblers and will just have to wait for the next sale. Sad, because they are SO springy!

And finally, a few larger tiles.

rabbit tile
Rabbit Tile, $60, 5.5×8″

If you have made it all the way down here, I am impressed and grateful to you for taking the time.



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