Functional Ceramics

Here are pieces you can use with food and flowers.

They are high-fired and food-safe and will hold water. I don’t work in sets, so even if cups are the same style, sizes will vary.

Please send me an email if you are interested in anything listed here.

sunflower vase
14″ x 7″ $70 Branches and flowers will tip this on its axis, creating a different effect with each arrangement.
floral tumbler
Floral Tumbler with yellow 3.5 x 3 $35
blue tumbler
Blue Floral Tumbler 3×4 $35
blue floral cup
Blue Floral cup 3×3 $35
posie vase
Posie Vase 4x6x4 $40
SOLD Green Swoosh Vase, soda-fired, 4.5×7 $50
oval vase
Oval Floral Vase 5x4x2.5 $50
dotted vase
Dotted Vase, soda-fired, 4.5×6.5 $45
bowl set
Stacked shallow blue bowls 7″ and 5″ Set $50



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