Raku Fairy Houses, Plates and Toad Houses

If you see something you’d like, please send me an email.

Fairy houses just make me smile. I make them with what’s left of clay at the end of a work session. These are raku-fired and are free-standing or have a hole for hanging on a wall or tree. They can go out of doors, but should be brought indoors before it freezes.

FH green roof
Fairy House Green Roof, $30, 5×7″


Raku-fired plates are for decorative use or dry foods, like fruits. They are not meant to hold liquids or oily foods.

Toad Houses

I found a toad in my garden this year. I’m surrounded by people who use lawn services, so am always so happy to see toads! Gives me hope. In honor of the little guy I made some toad houses. Who knows if they every get used, but, like fairy houses and toads, they make me smile.

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