Wall Tiles

The tiles here are raku-fired and can be hung out of doors during frost-free weather. Cracks and such are a natural function of the firing and cooling process. Rather than being flaws, the speak about what the piece experiences in its creation.

It you are interested in an item, please pop me an email, so we can work out details of how to get it to you and process payment. Ideally, I like checks, but Paypal also works. I can leave packages for pickup or ship. Items will stay listed until arrangements are made.

Nature Tiles

Dragonfly tile
SOLD Dragonfly Tile 5×5 $38
woodpecker tild
Redbreasted Woodpecker Tile 5×7 $42
Chickadee tile
Chickadee Tile 5×5 $38
loon tile
Loon Tile 5×5 $38
Oriole Tile 5×5 $38
Nuthatch Tile 5×5 $38
blue heron tile
Sold Blue Heron Tile 5.5×8 $54
Pileated Woodpecker Tile 5×7 $42
bluebird tile
Bluebird Tile 5×5 $38
lamb tile
Lamb Tile 5×5 $38
apple tile
Apple Tile 5×5 $38
Titmouse Tile 5×5 $38
rabbit tile
Rabbit Tile, $60, 5.5×8″

Tree Huggers
The idea for these first pieces woke me in the night, thoughts of sculptural and organic bits of tree and bark with the birds. They hang on the wall with a wire. They are all raku-fired.

Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger, chickadee, $60, 3.5″x8″
red headed
Tree Hugger Red Headed, $80, 5″x11″
Tree Hugger, Pileated, $70, 5×10.5″
Tree Hugger, cardinal, $70, 6×9″
Tree Hugger, Nuthatch, 5″ x 8″ $70

This series is based on birch trees. Sometimes they shed their bark in ways that create what look like natural frames, just asking for an image. They are slightly curved and have a wire for hanging.

love birds
Birchmark, Love Birds 8×13 $85
Birchmark, crow on yellow, 5×12, $60


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