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Here are a couple of books I wrote in hopes they would be helpful to others.

E is for Entrepreneur
E is for Cover for blogAt six years old I started my first business. Digging up dandelions went well that summer. I think I made a quarter.

There are lots of books which talk business plans and return on investment. People need a little nurturing, nudging, and moral support, too. So, I wrote E is for Entrepreneur.
I’m pleased to write that the response to my book has been exactly what I’d hoped for – that it fills a unique niche in business publications. It is reassuring, while stressing solid business practices. It lets newcomers understand what may be expected of them as individuals. It also calmly reminds those who are in the fray of young businesses, that they are not alone in how they feel when they wake up each day to find their destiny in their own hands and all responsibility on their own shoulders.

You can get either the perfect-bound print edition, or a digital version.

Print: ($14 plus $3 shipping):  Buy Now Button
Digital ($12): Buy Now Button

Gouache–An Artist’s Handbook
Gouachecoverforwebpage72Often I hear people dismiss gouache because the colors are muddy. Like any medium, gouache has a personality and you simply need to understand what it can and cannot do. So, I wrote “Gouache – An Artist’s Handbook”. The teacher/artist in me wants to help people learn the techniques and tricks which will let them get the most from gouache.
The book focuses solely on understanding the medium – how to manipulate the paint and work wet, dry and in layers – without the distraction of worrying about specific imagery or design issues. It is full of simple, but pointed exercises and is essentially a gouache workshop.

Digital  ($18): Buy Now Button

This is currently only available in digital format. Let me know if you’d like a print version. If there’s enough interest I’ll print another edition.

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