It has given me tremendous pleasure to work with illustration clients from coast to coast in editorial, education, children’s publishing, toy development, business, interiors, branding, and advertising. I love telling more of the story than words can express—through color, gesture, composition, and symbolism. Sometimes, though, it’s just about making a fun and attention-getting image. 

I enjoy the conceptual phase as much as creating the artwork—reading text, talking with clients or authors, and finding just the right tone or character. These are challenges that never grow old.

I work with clients to find approaches that fit their budgets.

Illustration is not a mystery, nor is it  more expensive than other visual solutions. I start with thumbnail sketches for concept and element choice. Once something’s been chosen I do a tighter sketch, nailing the look and placement of elements as needed. Only after that’s approved do we move to finished art.




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