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The CADDi is my product. It works. I use mine all the time to carry coffee when I travel or have my hands full.

This is the only place to get a CADDI.

With the CADDI you can:

  • Eliminate the need for disposable collars
  • Carry more cups at once
  • Hang your cup in rest rooms
  • Use on hot or cold tapered cups from 8-24 ounces
  • Get hands free to text
  • Use for biking and wheelchairs/walkers

The CADDi comes in these patterns:

CADDi pattern collection.jpg

ORDER—CADDi beverage carrier

Price includes shipping. Please specify your pattern: Big Beans, Bubbles,Stripes (choose from color list), Deco, Quotes, Black, or White. Sorry, no returns.


CADDI 4-pack

Get a pack of four beverage carriers. One design or mixed. Email me your design preferences. Shipping is included.


If you have questions or would like to order in bulk, please send me an email.

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