The Chaos Phase

in search of the golden mean

I know the exhibit is not till January, but fall is a very busy time, so I was hoping to have work finished by the end of this month…didn’t happen. I’m not worried, but the buffer I always allow myself will be used.

This is the stage in preparing for a show when everything is chaos and confidence is low. I’m in the edge of the hurricane and just functioning…can’t quite get the clarity to see the whole. There’s a lot of work, but does it work together? Is it good enough? Can I finish the last pieces in time?

I do have the faith from experience that in the end some thread of style will hold things together. I’ve seen Deb’s work (Deb Cholewicki and I are exhibiting together) and am excited to see how our works play off each other. From what I’ve seen, yes! It’s so nice to share this experience with her.

So, fingers crossed, I’ll just keep keeping at it, one piece at a time, frame ’em up, and hope…the usual drill.