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I make my living as an artist—commercial illustrator, painter/sculptor, ceramist—and teacher. The studio is home, no matter what the medium. Variety and constant learning keep things interesting.

My long-standing and cherished client relationships allow me to do a wide spectrum of work.  Such relationships grow with a trust that evolves from open and honest communication. I meet deadlines and budgets…every time.

I’m honored to have had my work appear in “Communication Arts Illustration Annual” and the Society of Illustrator’s “Illustration Annual”. I’ve won a bunch of Addy awards at local, regional, and national levels. I’ve kept clients for decades.

Making a living as an artist means wearing lots of hats and being realistic. There are times when I just make what sells, always trying to keep integrity and something unique in the work. Sometimes I can delve into concept and tell a story or make a point. Mostly, I just like making things and being at a place with art supplies and potential, just like when I was four years old. The materials and I have an ongoing conversation that keeps me perpetually entertained.




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