Finding a Fit in Urns

Bird urn_box_raku_72

Over the years I have been asked to create funerary urns. In doing so I learned that it’s something I’d like to do more. It’s odd to say that I like to make them, but I do and here’s why:

They are somewhat small sculptural objects.
Each is unique.
They can tell a story.
They can help people process their grief…myself included.
They are spiritual objects. Creating them allows me to access that part of my being. This requires letting go completely to the process and trusting the results.
They can come with surprises.

In these ways, they hit all of my buttons. To me they are uplifting objects.

The Universe is in charge.

In one case the urn was for a dog and had flowers all over it, as the dog loved being in the garden. In firing one of the curly legs shortened, so  didn’t match the others. When I apologized to the client she laughed and told me her dog had one short leg, too, so it was perfect. These sorts of things happen all the time.

There’s some pressure in creating something so intensely personal, but it comes with rewards. In general I like to make vessels that could be urns, imagining a place where one could peacefully come to rest. Raku-firing brings a sensual quality I like. The black from the smoke and the scent are inviting and calming…very earthy and natural.

I look forward to having the time to delve deeper into this area. In the meantime, thoughts are burbling.

Tree urn_Sophie