Five by Seven Project


I’m ready to just have some fun making art. The Icarus exhibit came and went and was gratifying on many levels. There’s usually a down period after an exhibit, a burbling and experimentation time before another large idea falls into place or the desire for another exhibit.

This week the 5×7 concept hit me and I’m quite excited. I’m going to do whatever I damned well please in painting and drawing…not consistency necessary, no holds barred in style and subject matter. Whatever comes out on a given day will be what’s supposed to come out. I like the idea of having small pieces, but with perfectly serious art on them. I want original art to be accessible to anyone.

Finished pieces will be available only from my Etsy shop. All will be prices at $57 with $5.70 from the sale of each getting donated to the Firecracker Foundation, a local and important group reaching young victims of sexual abuse.

This pondering rabbit is the first piece.

Getting Cute

Barb Bunnies

When I was young I painted thousands upon thousands of cute little images on mother-of-pearl earrings for a cottage industry. My mother always encouraged me to do cute images…those were the ones she loved. As most artists do in school, I went dark and broody (mothers worry about these things!). I still lean that way, but have found a mid zone in my work that keeps me happy, and still has a chance of going home with someone else.

Recently I was working in encaustic with a new technique and was suddenly called to do cute. The technique ends up feeling like children’s books I loved. I now want to play with all sorts of children’s imagery, simple, but touching some spot in my heart.