Work as sanity

Keeping my mind busy is my personal antidepressant. As the events of 202 have unfolded I’ve had to stay pretty busy to stay sane. That means creating things…fabric designs, experimenting with new techniques, making pretties for the garden, making sassy silly tiles for Bad Annie’s. Some things are pretty, some make me laugh. That’s good!

This week I tested a bunch of glazes for finials. I like the soda-fired ones, but we don’t fire up that kiln very often, so I needed some options for the reduction kiln. Here are a couple of glazes that could be keepers, though the blue still needs some tweaking.

Otherwise, getting out of doors every day is super important. Nature doesn’t give a hoot about politics and the birds sing and soothing breezes blow.

I hope you’ve found your way through the times. I’m sending hugs to you and the universe. May we hang on to our humanity!