Fine Art


Fine Art is what I create for myself rather than for a commercial client.  The impetus may be to experiment with a  medium, to tell a story with a single image, or explore a larger story with an exhibit. I never know what will happen when I go to the studio, and that’s half the fun. Sometimes I want to get messy. Sometimes I want more control. I always want to create something that touches the heart of the matter.

Next exhibit, barring COVID-19 closure:
February/March, 2021
Shiawassee Art Center

Owosso, Michigan

People have asked me where I’m showing work and right now I’m not. I want to focus on play and experimentation to see what will come out. Once I have a body of work I’ll consider where it belongs. I’m considering setting up an online gallery, but we’ll see about that.

Reproductions are for sale on Fine Art America.
Artwork on canvas and other substrates, note cards, shirts, shower curtains, pillows, tote bags, and more.


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