Biggby Coffee Wall Art–Piece in Process.

When Bob Fish first asked me to create artwork for Beaner’s he had just a handful of stores. His is now the robust and multi-state Biggby Coffee, serving what Bob thinks of as a “party in a cup”. This is the name of the latest wall art series for new Biggby franchisees. I’m not sure yet where they’ll fist appear, but I can’t wait. It’s been so fun to be part of the growth of Biggy, doing mugs, packaging, banners and several series of wall art.

Here is the development of one of the images.
I start with a light wash to establish the color tone of the piece, working with a color selection provided by Biggby. We had a broad range for this project and each piece had it’s own palette. I put in the Biggby orange right away, because I wanted to remember, no matter what, to draw attention to that.

The cool green background plays off the warm fruity colors. I’m constantly balancing color and value. For this series it was important to keep the energy of each piece lively, so there’s a lot of layering, flow, contrasting directions, and detail to keep the eye busy and moving.

It was really hard not to run to Biggby every day for some treat or another!

Below are the other pieces in the series.
























Party in a cup!!!