Progress in Glass

This week I got the touch for how to hold and pace rods and hot glass. It took a lot of You-Tube and practice time. Suddenly seeing my hands do what needed to happen was hugely gratifying.

Here’s the progression through three sessions…getting more consistent, but also running the glass through as many techniques and color combinations as I can each time.

Glass progress

I’ve been researching a lot about glass types, techniques, annealing and equipment. I think for me the biggest obstacle is going to be scale. People generally talk in millimeters, which is why so many work with beads. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get to the scale I have in my head with the materials and equipment I’m willing to invest in. I enjoy experiencing glass, but do no see it as MY medium…just one more to explore.

I’ll keep playing and take things as far as I can continue to enjoy at this scale. Maybe