Porcupine Mountain Residency

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.43.50 PM

I found out this morning that I’ve been accepted as a resident artist for the 2015 Porcupine Mountain State Park program. This means I’ll have 13 days in a rustic cabin (no water or electricity, but otherwise inviting) and the opportunity to create artwork about the environment around me. My intention is to take water-miscible oil paints and gouache for doing paintings, sketch paper, of course, a notebook for poetry writing, and some clay for making impressions of objects for future molds or imprints.

I want to look at the landscape from a distance, and then to move in for tiny details…a macro/micro approach.

As I drove to Petoskey and back yesterday, I was trying not to be too hopeful about the residency. I know people apply from all over the country. But, this state is so doggone beautiful and ideas were racing ahead of me and I could not help but hope I’d get it.

I was given my first choice on date, so will be there at the peak of summer.

Much to learn about it yet. I just know that this will be a unique and precious experience and I’m grateful the opportunity exists. I smile every time I think about it!

Here’s a link to the application area that talks a bit about the program.