Echo…Lansing Art Gallery Exhibit

2018-01-05-17-51-27.jpgAfter 18 months of thought and work, Deb Cholewicki and I have ourselves an exhibit!

Lansing art Gallery is a medium-sized exhibit space. The worry is always having enough work. The BIG worry is always having work of which I can be proud.

Echo is about the conversation between us through our work. I peppered my studio with images of Deb’s materials. We showed each other our work along the way. We both worked on one piece, which was great fun. The fun was seeing my work together with Deb’s—to see how the pieces play off one another and enhance each other. Deb’s work has so much energy and texture. Mine is a bit more sedate, but our colors and marks parallel throughout.

The last piece in an exhibit it the exhibit itself. For us, at least, it works.

The overall theme was the healing power of nature.

Threads of concept:

Diversity…the importance and joy of variety
Paths…we choose our path with every action and non-action.
Nature…get out in it, it’s healing, we need to protect and advocate
Marks…the simple joy of making and seeing marks, the myriad tiny elements of a larger image

I’m glad that this broad arc of thought can come to an end, so my brain can start to think of other things.