MSU Wine Lables…the project from heaven.

I can finally talk about it…

I was so lucky to be asked this summer to create wine labels for MSU Hospitality. The wines are coming soon. Bottles will be served at the State Room, given to special guests and much more. It’s just an honor and fun to be part of such a project. This is the first time MSU has had it’s own wine labels.

Each label is based on a Spartan notable…Cynisca and Leonidas. I have to admit, I was not up on my Greek history, so I learned a bit on this one. The red wine is from Black Star Farms, and the white from 45 North, both in Michigan. I’m looking forward to that first taste.

This project was fun from beginning to end. You never know, when you get a new client, just how it will go. I know when I’ve gotten a dream job and this was definitely one of those.

CyniscaFA Leonides_front