In Transition

Still Life with Yellow Mushrooms_SM

It’s done. The work for my next exhibit is completed,framed,inventoried, and packed up (well, one more frame to order). I think I’m happy and look forward to seeing how things work as a whole at the gallery.

Now I can jump fully into work for the next exhibit.

People often ask how artists come up with ideas. The truth is that once you start to get ideas they just breed more. It’s always easier when there’s a story to tell.

For the upcoming exhibit I’m talking about Michigan…the simple rustic beauty of the woods of the north and how it made me feel to be there. The artwork is pretty and not highly conceptual. My goal was to get viewers to feel just a bit of what I felt—the peace and wonder of it all. I hope that it may evoke some sense of home or longing that will help us all preserve what we have here, that they may look at things a bit differently.

Of course I have to think about whether things will sell. Will I recoup my expenses? Will I get paid for my time? I never know till it’s over. It may take months before all the work has found homes, if they do at all. Earnings will promptly go toward supplies and frames for the next show.

But those thoughts will fall away quickly because I have the work to consider. I’ve done the first piece for the September exhibit and can’t wait to get to more. And thoughts are already straying to the exhibit after that. I’ll try to hold those at bay for now, though momentum will be building deep inside and that bubble will rise in due time.

Life it at its best when I’m pulled forward toward the next idea. What could happen? I won’t know till I get there. It’s the easiest sort of adventure to have and as good as any I’ve ever experienced.