Finally There

It’s been a lifetime coming, but I think I’m finally where I was headed all along (though there’s more to the trip, I know).

A few months ago, after much much brewing,condensing,gut-checking, I made my simple plea to the universe…that I be able just make art and sell it as fast as I can make it.

It’s working.

That means that my work day now consists of going to the studio and doing my work…the work everything in my being says I should be doing. Sometimes it’s clay, sometimes encaustic, or glass, or acrylics, or…. The work may be for an exhibit, or just some whimsical items people seem to enjoy…whatever the mood or the current gallery needs may indicate. As long as I’m there with all of my toys I’m happy…make that blissful.

I’m learning to streamline processes for some things. I’m now able to attack larger pieces when I’m at peak awareness/wakefulness. I sometimes work 7 days a  week and may be cleaning off raku-fired pieces right before bed because I can’t wait till the next day to see how they turned out. I’m on vacation every day at work. I also know how VERY lucky I am.

I’m hoping to pursue just one more gallery outside of Lansing, just to keep the pull for work, since I always do best when I know where the work is going. Still, things are selling at a rate that is validating my choices The lower price-point items still keep the boat afloat. As long as I can average my self-proclaimed hourly rate I’m ok.

It’s such a great gift to be able to feel like myself, to know where I’m going every day. My basement studio isn’t much to look at, but it has everything I need and that makes it beautiful to me.