I Am You Are We

The piece below was done ages ago. It’s titled “I Am You Are We” and addresses how we are all more alike than different.

It’s time to revisit that, so I’m starting to work on a series with that title. The first new piece will be exhibited at Grove Gallery in East Lansing in the September member show (if it survives…so far so good).

In light of many shootings in recent months—some targeting individuals, some singling out types of individuals, I am dumbfounded, for lack of a better word. We all want such simple things: safety, opportunity, love. It feels sometimes like that’s too much to ask. Can we not have empathy for one another instead of focusing on the peripheral and fundamentally inconsequential differences? In the biggest sense we are all one.

I am you are we…together. I hope I’ll be able to honor that with some work.

i am you are we 2